Amanda Hailey: October 2013 Grand Strand Visual Artist of the Month

Amanda Hailey‘s art is a fingerprint left in time, an artifact for the viewer to uncover. Whether she is unearthing found objects and vintage parts for her up-cycled jewelry, or incorporating primitive symbolism in the spirit of the clay, Amanda’s work is a window inside her mind’s eye. A resident of Georgetown County, Amanda’s artwork varies from sculpture and painting to jewelry and miniature top hats.

Upon discovering clay in 2004 while apprenticing wheel-thrown pottery, Amanda learned the science of art: mixing glazes and discovering firing techniques. Growing into her creative skin over time, Amanda began making clay masks with hints of primitive, sci-fi and Venetian influences. Amanda also began sculpting large clay vessels using homemade paper clay, coil, extended-pinch, and carving techniques. Her sculptural influences are varied, taken from science fiction classics to Pee-wee’s Playhouse, from steampunk and neo-Victorian design, to ancient ruins and civilizations. Amanda has received art grants and continues to exhibit her work throughout the region.

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