Electric Bird Noise: August 2014 Artist of the Month

For the better part of two decades, Brian Lea McKenzie has been shelling out guitar experiments and electro-pop in his solo project Electric Bird Noise. Influenced by progressive rock and experimental music, McKenzie refers to this style of playing as “elevator music for art galleries.”

Desert Jelly was a synth driven homage to new wave and easily the most accessible Electric Bird Noise to date. For the follow-up, Kind of Black, McKenzie goes back to his guitar roots for a challenging record built from dissonant chords. Jarring on first listen, Kind of Black becomes more soothing and more hypnotic the longer you listen.


Listen to Electric Bird Noise here.


In addition to guitar, McKenzie plays a variety of instruments with an affinity for those with strings. He regularly performs with several local bands, and he is a producer of countless projects, a sound archivist, and a visual artist.


Listen to brian lea mckenzie and the music factory! here.