Gray Click: April 2013 Grand Strand Performing Artist of the Month

Singer-songwriter Gray Click brings a catchy, feel-good sound to the Myrtle Beach music scene. Click’s songwriting is rooted in an acoustic foundation, while giving a nod to the classic songwriters of pop and rock ‘n roll. The music and sound is comprised with folk notes, and urgent rockers, centered on a melodic pop/rock platform.

For the past few years, local producer Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise, SAVAS, Sqwearl) has been backing Click with lead acoustic guitar/mandolin in a live setting, while recording and joint producing the music in McKenzie’s studio. Today, what was originally a solo or duo act has expanded into a full 5-piece band, once referred to as the Traveling Wilburys of Myrtle Beach. The band stars Drew Jacobs (Drew Jacobs and the Sauce, Wicked Gift) on bass, A.J. Rownd (Sapphire, King of Prussia) on keys, Ryan Carter (SharkLegs, Sleeping Policeman) on drums, Brian McKenzie trading the acoustic for his staple electric guitar sound, and Gray Click on vocals/acoustic guitar. They are known as The Gray Click.

Listen to Gray Click’s music here.