Karen Pellegrino: December 2015 Artist of the Month

Karen Pellegrino was born, raised and educated in New York, living there until 1990 when she moved to Myrtle Beach. One day, late in 1995, she woke up thinking she could do something creative. Without ever having any lessons, Karen began painting with acrylics. Her passion for painting led her to work on large mural projects, which can be found in many finer homes, schools and professional offices throughout the Grand Strand area.

In September of 2005, Karen suffered a serious accident and had to undergo numerous operations that changed her life. In 2009, one of these operations actually ended her life for 25 minutes. Two days post surgery, Karen was told that her heart stopped for 25 minutes, and she was in a coma afterwards for about two weeks.

“All that had happened to me was solely bad luck and in no way reflects on the great care given by my fine group of doctors. Sometimes bad stuff just happens! In fact, if it weren’t for the good care I received, I would not be where I am today. I’m alive, able to walk, drive, and by the grace of a higher power I am able to paint once again.”

Karen spent many months trying to restore her health and her ability to paint again. This is why she calls herself the “Born Again Artist.” It was almost ten years before Karen would pick up her paintbrush, and she believes her “rebirth” has made her a better painter.

Karen Pellegrino’s Website