Meganpixels Parker: March 2013 Grand Strand Visual Artist of the Month

Megan “Meganpixels” Parker is a Digital Artist and Photographer at CMMS Studios in Loris, South Carolina. The universe influences her creative artwork from a spec of dust in the corner of her eye to an elaborate piece of architecture as seen from a distance. Meganpixels loves to travel to places far and near and fantasizes about being the first artist to photograph a wedding either in space or on the moon.

“I was destined to be a visual artist when I was a toddler. It was at that time I used to forfeit meals, and secretly stuff them away in my drawing table only to continue drawing, doodling and creating little art projects.”

The name, Meganpixels, first emerged when I was in high school as I took an ardent interest in visual art technology. My name, Megan, combined with a pixel, which is defined as the smallest addressable element in a display device, thus the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen, led me to the name Meganpixels. I define my artistic vision down to the pixel, hence making them Meganpixels.

My intention as your photographer is to take you on a journey within your mind, then interpret and accommodate your creative vision in a pristine photograph. I am a romantic at heart and I am, for example, taken away with the intensity of a bride and groom’s first kiss, an infant’s first moves and a father and daughter’s wedding dance. I put all of my heart and soul into an assignment as though it was a gift to my family

I am very blessed to work with the family of professionals at CMMS Studio, and I am dedicated to work as many as seven days a week to provide perfection to my clients. I continuously assist and encourage the team at CMMS Studio while we work collaboratively together because we appreciate art and are passionate about our profession.”




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