• Rachel Jones - August 2012 Grand Strand Artist of the Month
  • Rachel Jones Artwork
  • Rachel Jones Artwork
  • August 2012 Grand Strand Artist of the Month

Rachel Jones: August 2012 Grand Strand Artist of the Month

After many years modeling for artists, Rachel Jones began painting in earnest while living in England and the Caribbean. Believing “there is endless beauty found in the human form and expressions” contributes to her interpretations and imaginative portraits.

“I often try to paint incomplete narratives where the viewer is free to step in and finish the tale. Art is for everyone.”

Rachel Jones paints female figures that are often fanciful, comedic, or dramatic. Rachel is currently working on a series of funerary monuments from around the world. Human suffering often triggers hope, strength, and togetherness as can be seen in the monuments. They were originally created not only to memorialize, but also as a summation of their loved ones’ accomplishments. It attempts to explore and question how we are viewed or remembered by others compared to how we view ourselves.



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