Rebecca Zdybel: December 2013 Grand Strand Visual Artist of the Month

Rebecca Zdybel has studied and continues to study extensively under many well-known teaching artists. Her methods and materials are varied.

“The beauty of the world around me has always been apparent and exciting to me. I began to paint in order to attempt to capture that beauty in some way through the painting process. The painting becomes a way to play with light and color, line and texture. I also like to go beyond what I see and explore possibility in my work. I don’t want to limit my perspective or technique, nor do I want to constrain my approach in any way. I love having every option available to me. This makes the journey toward completion of a painting exhilarating. Anything is possible! My perspective is reflected in the variety of mediums and approaches, which are used in my work.”

Rebecca lives and works as an artist as well as an art instructor in Myrtle Beach. She currently teaches privately and at Art & Soul Gallery.

“My life has been forever changed by developing my artistic capabilities after a long period of neglect. I know first-hand the power that art has to transform people’s lives in a positive way, and I love to share that with my students.”

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